Couture – A love Story 2015

Couture – A Love Story!

By Suneet Varma

The Suneet Varma collection for Fall 2015 is based on the grandeur of the Ottoman Empire and the beautiful poetry of the renowned poet Omar Khayyam who was one of the greatest Persian philosophers and poet who wrote the love couplets in The Rubaiyat.

“An inspired life should never lack fire, or be deprived of the light of a heart ablaze…, it’s written in the book of Love” – Omar Khayyam.

This couture collection is based on the arts and literature of Persia – The love poems, the lyrical motifs, the decorative arts in architecture, the Persian blues, the soft pastels and the nostalgic shades of gold and rose. As always the accessories and are a very important part of the show and styling. They are designed and handmade for this collection. Head dresses in beaten metal in antique shades of gold, ornate pieces of Meenakari jewelry and Swarovski crystals.

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