Faces by the Sartorialist


Suneet Varma, one of India’s foremost couturiers, is a name that immortalizes glamour and timeless style, and has been chosen as the latest contributor for Faces by The Sartorialist. It is a digital initiative that was launched by Scott Schuman to showcase personal style with a special focus on optical eyewear as well as artists who inspire and influence his work.

As a contributor, Suneet designs a dramatic representation of his imagination in the form of fashion illustrations. His art piece represents a beautiful Indian Princess who is looking at a birdcage with two love birds through a whimsical pair of optical frames.

“All my fashion shows are based on lyrical themes like- Pirates of Couture, Swan Lake and Kamasutra to name a few so for this exciting project with Luxottica I actually wanted to create something that reflects my work, creative imagination and inspiration. I believe fashion is a reflection of a person’s individual spirit, wherein clothes and accessories are the manifestation of their personality. Optical eyewear has emerged as a key fashion accessory helping one showcase their unique sense of style. Eyes are the window of our souls, everyone sees colors, textures and situations differently. I’ve always believed that there is certain amount of fantasy that’s attached to my artistic imagination that keeps me inspired. These two fashion illustrations display my belief as an artist and designer and highlight fashion and fantasy which is both elaborate and theatrical.”

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